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C A R L A J. M AC K , O D, M B A , FA AO D I R E C TO R O F P R O FES S I O N A L A N D C L I N I C A L S U P P O R T, A LCO N U S V I S I O N C A R E REIMAGINING EYE CARE: HELPING PATIENTS SEE, LOOK, AND FEEL THEIR BEST S cientific innovation has been Alcon's hallmark since Robert Alexander and William Connor opened a small oph- thalmic shop in 1945. We are reimag- ining eye care, supporting technological advances that have expanded and en- riched our differentiated product port- folio with the goal of helping patients see, look, and feel their best. Our commitment to eye care does not stop there. We have forged dozens of partnerships with patients, practitioners, students, and organizations so that we may inform and inspire proactive eye care. A Differentiated Portfolio Because no two patients are alike, we are driven by an obsession with science to develop differenti- ated contact lenses and lens care products across four innovative technological platforms (optics, surface, materials, and color) to meet unique patient needs, improve patient outcomes, and help enhance patient quality of life. Studies show improved patient compliance with contact lens replacement for those in daily dispos- able and monthly re- placement contact lenses, as compared with those wearing 2-week replace- ment lenses, 1,2 and that patients who are com- pliant with replacement schedules return sooner to their eyecare practitioners for comprehensive care. 3 To address these patient behaviors, we have focused our contact lens portfolio on unique materials in daily disposable and monthly replacement lenses that help promote compliance, more frequent care for patients, and practice growth. We see tremendous patient and practice opportuni- ties with daily disposable contact lenses and are pleased to offer this wearing option to patients with astig- matism or presbyopia, and to expand our parameter ranges to provide contact lens options for more patients. We are innovating with game-changing materials, such as the patented Water Gradient Technology in DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses, now also available for your presbyopic patients. e beauty segment is another market with untapped poten- tial. In addition to not having to refit current wearers of AIR OPTIX AQUA® sphere for AIR OPTIX® COLORS lenses, 4 we have partnered with ECPs and their staff to develop online technician training to CORPORA TE PROFILE S 2 | C O N T A C T L E N S S P E C T R U M S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 6 c l s p e c t r u m . c o m A D V E R T I S E M E N T

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