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J I L L S A XO N, O. D. D I R E C TO R O F P R O FES S I O N A L S T R AT E GY, B AU S C H + LO M B TAKING INNOVATION INTO THE 21ST CENTURY A s we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Contact Lens Spectrum, we look back at the journey we've taken together. Our mission is to develop products that meet the needs of today's contact lens patients and the most recent need to develop prod- ucts that enhance the visual experience created by today's 24/7 digital world. To support this need, we've continued to invest in the introduction of inno- vative product offerings, while providing continuous training and support for eyecare professionals. With changing needs and demographics, we have adopted and innovated. As an example, today's presbyopic Boomer and Gen X populations desire to look and feel young. We have innovated contact lens material and optical designs to meet their needs. We are proud of our founders' legacy and our continued stream of innovation that has helped transform the eyecare industry. As we enter the next 30 years together, we look forward to continuing to work toward one goal: helping eyecare professionals provide their patients with the best in vision care. A 30-Year Look Back Bausch + Lomb has worked to usher in a series of innovations throughout the past 30 years, including the world's first silicone hydrogel contact lens and multi- purpose solutions. We've also continued our heritage in optical design that has created significant advance- CORPORA TE PROFILE S 4 | C O N T A C T L E N S S P E C T R U M S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 6 c l s p e c t r u m . c o m A D V E R T I S E M E N T Here's a brief look back at just a few of the vision care offerings we've introduced throughout the past three decades:

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