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Powered by the WAVE Contact Lens System Design Custom OrthoK Lenses for yourself at: Designing Custom OrthoK Lenses Has Never Been Easier Contact your preferred laboratory to discover if they are authorized with Tailored Orthok Lenses Fully Customize Your Designs With TEN Parameters The only lens design software with complete control Apical clearance Further Design Controls: Bevel lift Edge & Center thickness Target lens power Essential Design Controls: Rx K readings HVID E values Advanced Design Controls: for Myopia Management Optic Zone IC width Designs are sent directly to your authorized laboratory's lathe for prompt manufacturing. Reorder the same design anywhere, anytime. To open a Tailored OrthoK Lenses account contact your preferred laboratory and discover if they are authorized. Our NEW WEB APP OrthoK designer offers lenses that a modern orthokeratology practice demands. Why dispense off-the-shelf lenses when you can design exactly what you need in minutes? No long phone calls or complicated emails. Just go to your computer, tablet or phone and design lenses on the spot.

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