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CXL™ Scleral contact lenses are a uniquely designed scleral lens that utilizes multiple aspheric conical curves to achieve a more natural tangential fitting zone. Ability to vault both the cornea and limbus zone Maintains a minimal sagittal depth that promotes good tear exchange Front surface toric for uncorrected cylinder Toric and Quadrant specific peripheral curves Laser marking in limbal zone for better fit evaluation Notching and Truncation Center distance and center near mulifocal options RESHAPING THE WAY THE WORLD SEES GP Specialists Inc. 1800 959 2020 15970 Bernardo Center Drive | San Diego, CA 92127 A simplified approach to Scleral Lens Fitting Patient Selection Irregular Astigmatism Corneal Ectasia Trauma Post Corneal Cross Linking Keratoconus Pellucid Marginal Degeneration Post Refractive Post PKP Dry Eye Parameter Specifications Fitting Set Specifications Diameter 16.4 Fitting Set Includes 10 spherical lenses 6 multifocal lenses (3 Center Near / 3 Center Distance) Available Parameters Diameter 14.2 to 24.0 Base Curves Any Power -20.00 to +25.00 Range (.12mm steps) ™ Base Curves 6.00 mm to 8.50mm ™ * All CXL™ Scleral lenses are made with Contamac Optimum material and come with the Tangible Hydra-Peg™ coating for better wettability and less lens fogging.

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