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© 2017 TruForm Optics. ©/™ Denote trademarks of TruForm Optics. *For new customers only, or current customers ordering Digiform lenses in Contamac material for the first time. Offer valid 10-01-2017 through 01-31-18. CLS1017 Digiform Digiform ™ 18.0 18.0 Photo courtesy of Halina Manczak, MD Photo courtesy of Halina Manczak, MD 16.6 18 Our most popular scleral design, Digiform™ 16.6 and 18.0 are recommended for all corneal conditions. The ease in fitting, combined with the forgiving nature of the lens-to-scleral relationship, make Digiform the preferred lens design for novice to advance fitters. Digiform lenses have etched markings of the base curve, sag and fitting scale – enabling precise fluorescein evaluation each time. Digiform50 Mention Promo Code: Mention Promo Code: Visit our website or call a TruForm consultant to learn more about our scleral and corneal design options. 50 % Savings On Your First On Your First Digiform Digiform ™ Scleral Order Scleral Order * Leading Scleral Designs Leading Irregular Corneal Designs L e n s D e s i g n O p t i o n s Yo u ' l l L o v e ! 800-792-1095 |

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